Teeny Tiny's

Teeny Photo Shoots for Your Tiny Humans



Each month you can just pop in for 10 minutes during one of our Teeny Tiny days, and we’ll supply you with one print resolution digital image after each session.
You can choose to either come on a casual basis and pay $30 per session, or purchase a 12x concession card for $300 ($25 per session)
Sessions are priced for one child only - If you’d like to have more than one child photographed, you’ll need to pay for each child separately, $30 per child. 
You get one digital image for every $30 you spend. 
The chair, background and setup is the same each time.

Every now and then we’ll have special Tiny Mini sessions, like Easter/Christmas or other special occasions.  We’ll let you know about these via email and Facebook.
We’ll have just one Teeny Tiny day each month so register now and you can be the first to know each month.

Keep reading for more info + the finer details


Teeny Tiny Sessions VS Full Portrait Session


You’re probably asking yourself WHY the "Teeny Tiny" session is so much cheaper than a regular portrait session?
Teeny Tiny's are a one stop shop, the setting is the same each time, in studio, you arrive ready to go. We pop them into the Teeny Tiny space and whip out our best tricks to try and get the smiles/reactions/facial expressions in the 5minute shoot time. You choose which image/s you would like then and there we send it out right then (or if we are pressed for time we will choose the best image and send out by the end of the day). It’s a full resolution digital image that is ready for you to print, share online or gift to family and friends.

Every month (or however often you choose to come in) we take another photo, and as time goes on we can see baby’s personality grow! We can't make any promises that you're little one is going to play the game on the day but we do our best. (no re-shoots for Teeny Tinys’)
We also do custom framing so you have the option at the end to combine all the images into one frame and document the changes of your babies first year or two.

Full Portrait Sessions and our Baby Programme options are a lot different. They have a more lifestyle/relaxed feel to them and can be out on location, at home or in studio - you choose.
They generally take anywhere between 40-90 minutes, we take a lot more images and there is extra time for small children (or parents!) to warm to the camera. There is flexibility in numbers, bring Grandma and Aunt Julie along for no extra cost. We guarantee that you will love what we capture for you on the date and if you don't we offer a re-shoot.
After a full portrait session, we take the time to go through the images and choose the best to show you the following week at a viewing session.
From here you choose the products you would like and place any orders. This takes roughly an hour – depending on how decisive you’re feeling.

So Teeny Tiny sessions are quick, easy and fuss free. and can be a fab affordable way to document babies first year. They also make great in between shots for our regular families that return every couple of years.
Full Portrait Sessions take a whole lot more time, heart and energy, but you end up with a rather beautiful, personalised, set of photos of your family at that time in life.

The choice is yours.


Small Print

•    It’s $30 per child, regardless of how many children you put on the chair.  If you have two children, that’ll be $60, three children is $90 etc.
     You get one digital image for every $30 you spend, so if you’ve paid $60 you can choose two images, $90 gets you three images..
•    Concession cards purchased are valid for two years from purchase date. That means if you miss a month, it’s no big deal. In fact, you can miss every second month and it’s still OK.
     Once two years have passed, you’ll lose any sessions you haven’t come in for though, so do keep that in mind.
•    If you don’t want to do it any more, you can give your card to a friend. Just let us know that you’ve transferred those sessions, and we will adjust the bookwork to match
     That way we know it hasn’t been stolen too.
•    We can’t promise we are going to be doing these sessions forever or that the deal will stay the same for all of eternity. Don’t worry though, if for some reason we terminate the
     Teeny Tiny sessions you will have plenty of warning and you still have unused shoots we’ll make sure you have something nice for your remaining credit.
•    Teeny Tiny sessions will be done primarily by Lydia, but Stew will fill in if necessary. Either way, you’re in good hands.
•    Teeny Tiny sessions are not for newborns. They need more than a tiny session. Newborns are a lot of work. Bring them in for a Full Portrait session if you want them photographed
      when they’re just brand new. Once they’re 6weeks old, we can start them up on the Teeny Tinys.
 •    If your child is sick pretty please (with cherries on top) don’t bring him/her in. The days will be busy with little ones in and out, we don't want to risk potentially passing it on to
      someone else’s baby, and we also don't want to risk getting sick and passing it through our families too. We’ll rebook you for another Tiny Mini the following month and you'll get first
      dibs on time slots.
 •    The images are available to be viewed immediately, and you’re welcome to choose your favourite at the end of your session.  If the session takes longer than expected and there’s
      no time for you to choose, We will choose the best of them for you. Of course we can’t promise a smiley happy photo, any more than you can promise your child will be her normal
      smiley self. But we’ll do our best!
•    We really don’t want to Photoshop your little person. This is not because we’re lazy, but because it's not our style or in our belief as photographers. We want to present you with a
      true representation of your child - We can polish away an untimely graze or bruise, if absolutely necessary. But as a general rule we won’t be changing things.
      With this in mind, you may want to make sure you any little faces have been cleaned before they come in!
•    The copyright of any images produced remains with Nimmo Photography. This means that we still officially own the rights to the images. However, you are welcome to print, share and
      reproduce any image you purchase from your sessions for your own enjoyment and that of friends and family.
•    We may really love to share your images online on our blog or on social media etc. However we know that some people would rather we didn’t, so if you’re one of those people,
      please tell us when you sign the contract. That way there’s no confusion and you can then be sure your images will remain private.
•    If you would like your Teeny Tiny image as a print or canvas, you have the option to order that. Let us know and we will email you the prices.
     Please note, after a few months your images go into the black hole of our back up system, if you want them pulled up again there will be a $55 fee to retrieve them from the archives.
•    Payment is due when you book your casual Teeny Tiny Session. We’ll send you our bank account details for that. Just make sure you put your name with your payment so we know
     who it’s from.
•    If you have one of our concession cards it’s still important to book your spot on our Teeny Tiny day, as having the card doesn’t automatically promise you a session if the day fills up.
     If dates book up quickly we may look at adding more session dates, but to start with it will be first come first served.