Newborn photography

'because they are only this little once'


Your little babe is here!
There is nothing quite like the newborn stage, even in your possibly sleep deprived state there is no denying how precious this time is.
I am one of those strange people that thinks all newborn are gorgeous and I myself loved the newborn phase (even with its trials!)
It is a time to celebrate you and this tiny person you have created, and capture all their delicious features before they drink all the milk and grow much too quickly.

What is involved?

The photo shoot itself can either be done in our wee studio above the gallery in the center of Greymouth, or in the comfort of your own home - which can especially be nice if you are wanting the more lifestyle look to your shoot, have other kids at home, or if you have had a c-section or tough birth and it's trickier to leave the house.
Or if you wanted the super fresh approach I am more than happy to come up to the hospital for the more documentary styled shoot too.

This session generally lasts anywhere between 1-3hours. It may seem like a long time but I can assure you it does fly by.
This allows for plenty of feeding and settling in-between shooting, as we like to make sure baby can still sleep and get it's rest if possible (they do love to fight it!)
We will have the options of backdrop changes throughout - generally 1-2 changes depending on how baby is doing.
Other family members are welcome to join in but we suggest they pop in for 15-30mins of the shoot only as to disturb baby as least possible.

After the photo session - within the 1-2weeks you will come in for the viewing session, where you can come and ohh and ahh over your gorgeous little bundle, and also notice how much they have already changed since the shoot! This is your time to have a good look at the images, and we have a very helpful system to help select your favourites and you can place any orders for products during this time.





2-3hour photo session - in studio, or on location
Viewing session - choose your own products from $85


Maternity + Newborn $749

Maternity session + newborn session
1x 8x12" loose print from each shoot + digital files from both sessions


teeny tiny 12x concession $300

12 Teeny Tiny sessions for the price of 10.
Can be used over a 2 year period on our Teeny Tiny session days each month.
10minute sessions, 1 digital file from each session.
See more on our Teeny Tiny page


Newborn, 6month + 12month sessions
1x 8x12" loose print after each session (3 total)
Digital Files from each session

*Split payments over year are welcome*